Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pendedahan Gangster Hindu di Malaysia

Ini adalah pendedahan dari seorang lelaki rakyat Malaysia berketurunan India yang tahu mengenai perkembangan serta penularan geg Hindu di Malaysia. Saya ambil dari blog nya, http://ragedindian.com/2008/04/04/indian-gangs-in-malaysia-deep-down/

Indian Gangs In Malaysia -Deep Down

Secret society in Malaysia. Anywhere we go, secret society exist. Who actually started all this and the history of it remains unknown. What does it all mean?Today, with a limited time we have, i will explain the history of Indian Gangs in Malaysia and how it all starts.

A few Indian guys will be gathering in a bus stop or a nearby drain everyday . Usually they might even skip school if they’re studying and will be ever present to join the loitering session. Together with them will be few packs of cigarettes. Now, day after day , their friends will grow to a bigger number. They buy a RM 5 color spray, and then will spray out something on the side of the drain or on top of the bus stop to mark their group.

You see, calling the group a name is one thing. The other word is also seemingly interesting.The name can differ ranging from things to numbers. Usually in Malaysia, it is interesting enough to see all the secret society members loves mathematics so much that they name their group after a number. The real meaning behind the numbers is too astronomical to explain. Forgive me. Few famous secret societies in Malaysia , Geng 24 , Geng 36 , Geng 21 , Geng 08. Now, if you’re soft , i suggest you try to get a membership in Geng 9.

They first make out a name , take Longkang for an example. So, Longkang is their name. But then, there are few identities that can follow.

a) Geng Longkang

b) Longkang Kaingeh

b) Longkang Set

d) Tiga Longkang

So, the name had been created. Next they need to establish a place. Let’s say there is a nearby field near the drain, it will be their field. So, everyone should start recognizing it as Longkang field. Every member have to work their ass out day and night to keep members from other secret society out from their field. If there is any intruders, immediately they will be identified and a fight will broke out. After a few fights, usually the gang’s will be able to establish them self.

After these few fights, the gang would be able to identify who are the person who will fight and the other’s who wont. The cowards will be rejected and only the toughest stays. Each of them will be recognized with a nick name. Usually they will name them self after things for their first name and others will opt for animal names.For an example:

1) ‘Vetu’ Kumar

2) ‘Rok’ Mani

3) ‘Mettu’ Murugan

3) Pandi (Pig)

4) Nandu (Crab)

5) Tiger

Next, after naming and establishing them self, next comes money collection.Every member have to pay a certain amount every month as a membership fee. A one time registration fee is subject to changes but monthly payments remains. If it’s Geng 24, then everyone has to pay RM 24 every month. So goes for the others gangs. The payment will be kept by the leader. It is known that this payment is kept to bail out any gang members that is caught or jailed up. The remaining goes to sponsor cheap liquors and cigarettes. Schools are targeted and collection goes around to protect students. Every student who pays the monthly fee will be accepted as a member and be protected. They will be called ‘budaks’. Nambe budak.

Next comes election. A very important part in forming a gang.One who fights the best and daring will be chosen as a leader.The following is the least minimum criteria to be a gang leader :

1) Should be daring and willing to fight anyone

2) Should handle weapons diligently

3) Should have been locked up in jail at least once

4) Have a few marks and sign of stitches in a visible place in their body(To mark that they have been in a few fights)

5) Should be a person without a brain. Should have no thinking capabilities.

6) Owns own transport and willing to travel to any school to fight.

7) Willing to fight extra hours just to protect the field.

Should be able to drink cheap liquors and smoke

9) Should be able to speak vulgar words fluently in Tamil, knowledge in vulgar words in other language such as Chinese and Malay will be an added advantage.

Above is the minimum criteria.Once the gang leader is chosen, what they need to do next is conquering. They will have to go and fight in a nearby fields and try to conquer other’s field. Once they’ve won the fight, the group who emerge victory will be able to rule another field . So, day by day their name will be high in the air and will rule few fields and drains in their housing area.

One new policemen will be transferred to the housing area and he will gun down all the gang leaders. The group dissolves and everyone runs away to another state hiding. Few committee members will be arrested and put in jail. The group will be gone all of a sudden. Until the person who is locked up is out from jail .Once he is out , there starts a new gang.

This is the cycle of secret society members. My dear friends, what you have read is what is happening. Do not try to explain to me about them because i live in a place where almost every existing secret society in Malaysia have their so called camp in my housing area.As interesting as this article might sound to be,it portrays the dark side of most Indian guys in Malaysia unfortunately.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Apa yang diluahkan nya lebih memaparkan bahawa masalah samseng Hindu di Malaysia tiada penghujung nya... Kesan nya sudah memudaratkan kesinambungan dan kelestarian bangsa lain. Bangsa Melayu sudah banyak menanggung bahana atas sifat terlalu bertoleransi..


  1. Many middle- and upper-middle class Tamil/Indian Malaysians hold a view that Tamil schools are practically useless. Students in Tamil schools do not benefit either educationally or economically. And, worse, Tamil schools have become a hotbed for nurturing and sustaining vices and gangsterism..(M Nadarajah)........

  2. Duduk di Malaysia tapi tak tahu apa beza Hindu dan India?

    "Apa yang diluahkan nya lebih memaparkan bahawa masalah samseng Hindu di Malaysia tiada penghujung nya... Kesan nya sudah memudaratkan kesinambungan dan kelestarian bangsa lain. Bangsa Melayu sudah banyak menanggung bahana atas sifat terlalu bertoleransi.."

    Ada cadangan bagaimana boleh leraikan masalah Mat Rempit, video lucah awek boleh, ragut, rasuah?

    Tidakkah ini "memudaratkan kesinambungan dan kelestarian bangsa lain"?

    1. elok diketengahkan. apa saja jenis masalah sosial adalah bersangkut paut. perbincangan tak perlulah terlalu kepada tajuk.mat rempit boleh dikatakan samseng jalanan. video lucah didalangi oleh gangster.ragut dilakukan oleh gangster. rasuah pula, mana-mana individu yg disogok oleh gangster utk menutup kegiatan haram.

  3. Ini kisah samseng Hindu.. bukan kisah India Muslim.. Tak boleh dinafikan.. Cuba fahamkan elok-elok. Masalah Mat Rempit dll itu tajuk lain... Perbincangan perlu merujuk kepada tajuk.

  4. Salam Bro Ahmad....very informative article..bagus utk buat rujukan social illness..

    Fairuz Al Hajj

  5. kalian klu blh jangan asal blh aje nak buat komen atas orang atau bangsa lain.Baik tengokkan sikit bangsa yang dibangga2kan sebaliknya dia orang itulah yang banyak buat hal terselindung.pakai tudung tapi buka kain bawah fly over. Ajaran bangsa yg sesat...

  6. Hindu itu agama orang ke atau nama bangsanya? Teman keliru, ote India yang deme cakap tu amende m'natangnya?

    1. itulah ko, ko tanya hindu tu ape, pas tue ko cerite pasal binatang,

  7. Basically we in malaysia must CHANGE THE EDUCATION SYSTEM

  8. Uneducated People sit in Office take bribe, take porns do nothing,korek hidung, talk about sambal belancan and of cause the educated ones have no Jobs will form gengs... no one has the right to talk about hindusm... and one Thing no Religion in the world ask the followers to do gengterism. Clean your back first before u talk about the others......